Enabling organizations to make better sales investment decisions in real-time

Make better investment decisions, improve operating margins and design the right sales organisations for the future.

Understanding Growth Efficiency

There is so much focus on how companies grow but not how they grow efficiently

Growth Efficiency is directly linked to your revenue and operating margin and by measuring your sales performance in this way creates alignment to the companies goals and objectives to better understand:

Are my sales teams effective and efficient?
Am I investing in the right areas?
Do I have enough sales capacity to reach the targets?
Am I setting targets that drive the right sales behaviours?
What are my true ramp times for new hires?
What impact did the sales enablement activities have?

Lative overview

At Lative, we standardize and deliver the Growth Efficiency Metric (GEM Score™) to help businesses grow efficiently.

The Lative platform provides real-time insights enabling customers to make real-time decisions to manage growth efficiency, headcount effectiveness and capacity planning.

Accurately predicting your future and provide insights and simulations to better manage your business and greatly reduce planning cycles.

Your Growth Efficiency Platform

Growth Efficiency Metric

Visual and real-time representation of sales productivity per head

Headcount Performance

Resource management and utilisation adapting for changing market conditions

Sales Capacity Planning

Calculate your overall sales capacity now and in the future

Customisable Dimensions

Company activities and investments influencing Growth Efficiency


Identify the levers to pull to increase or decrease your Growth Efficiency


Scenario planning taking into account previous and future decisions

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    Lative have developed an innovative way for Customers to view and manage their sales organisations performance

    We want our Customers to make better investment decisions, improve operating margins and design the right sales organisations for the future.

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